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QBLOCK Digestion Systems


QBlock Series - Heating Blocks for Acid Digestion

QBlock series provides wide selection to choose appropriate hot block to increase efficiency of digestion and through put. Teflon coated graphite block and enclosure provides ability to produce contamination free results. Modular approach for Commander, touch screen base temperature controller helps increase life span of system and provides total control over 4 QBlock simultaneously.




  • Teflon Coated graphite heating block
  • Fast and uniformed heating from Ambient to 230°C
  • Excellent temperature uniformity of + 1 °C over all QBlock wells
  • Thermally secured from 5 sides, thus conserving energy
  • Remotely placed electronics controls
  • Choice of chemical resistant block housing, rugged Teflon coated metal or engineered plastics
  • Only hot block in the market that reaches adequate temperatures for tri-acid treatment
  • Non-contaminating heat-sustainable Teflon®-coated sample vial carrying tray
  • Adequate sample handling capacity allows individual control over diverse groups of Samples in multiple hot blocks, resulting in increased lab efficiency
  • Upgradable to automated reagent delivery and sample work-up


Standard Size:  
33 X 30 X 15 cm (13.125” X 11.5” X 5.875”)
Wide size:  42 X 36 X 15 cm (16.5” X 14.0” X 5.875”)

Vial size (ml / OD) 15 ml / 16 mm 25 ml / 22 mm 50 ml / 30 mm 100 ml / 45 mm Custom size

Standard (230°C)

(12 X 8) 96
(9 X 8) 72
(7 X 6) 42
(5 X 4) 20

Wide (180°C)

- - (9 x 8) 72
(6 X 5) 30


Do you have hot block requirements that do not fit into any of our standard offerings? With help of our in house capabilities we can make one to fit for your need. Please ask us for a quotation on your customized hot block requirements. Customised QBlocks are available within a few weeks only at a small additional cost.

In the past we have made,

  • QBlock well to fit non conventional glass ware and microwave digestion vessels
  • QBlock with heating range to 500°C
  • High power blocks for quick heating
  • Specialised sample rack which can placed on QBlock and is used for handling test tubes during digestion

QBlock Wireless Digestion System - Multi Block Wireless Temperature Control for Digestions

QBlock Wireless Digestion system is the only system which can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks providing unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen based wireless controller..

Wireless Temperature Controller

  • Wireless control of up to 8 QBlocks
  • Large Color touch screen control & display
  • Controls QBlocks from anywhere within 50 meters
  • Stores numerous digestion recipes and
    heating profile data
  • Built in NIST traceable system calibration
  • Choice of 210 or 110 VAC configuration and Temperature sensors
  • Overheat prevention safety feature
  • PC connectivity for digestion data transfer
  • Possibility of controlling existing Hot block and
    hot plates
  • Saves valuable laboratory space
  • Minimizes the time spent leaning over the hot block
  • Reduces unnecessary mess of high current cables
  • Provides true temperature regulation every second

Concurrent Display of Digestion Status for multiple QBlocks Real-time display of temperature profile and digestion recipe
    Multiblock Digestion System
    Multiblock Digestion System

QBlock Wireless Digestion System comprises of one Controller, up to eight QBlocks accompanied by Electronics Interface box. This system provides unparalleled value and ease of operation in performing multi-step, variable temperature profile hot block digestions. Wireless Controller searches for active QBlocks and can load recipe program, initiate a new digestion batch and download the digestion data resident on Electronic Interface. It is the same as having eight independent hot block digestion systems, all performing their own digestions. Each QBlock is connected Electronics Interface box through power cable and temperature measuring sensor. The Electronics Interface box can maintain the commanded temperature profile and stores heating profile data independently even in absence of Controller
Wireless Temperature Controller

Commander – Q  

Quad Channel Temperature Controller

Commander is the only quad-channel controller for hot blocks providing unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen inter phase.

  • Colour touch screen-based digestion controller with the ability to control 4 hot blocks simultaneously
  • Saves valuable laboratory space
  • Possibility of controlling existing Hot block and hot plates
  • Commander is operated from the comfort and safety of the acid-free environment outside the fume hood.
  • Choice of 210 or 110 VAC configuration and thermocouple feedback

Real-time graphic display of temperature profile and digestion recipe parameters 4-step heating control for complex applications, including multi-step temperature ramp and hold capability It can store up to ten multi-step digestion programs for each QBlock digester.

  • Provides four independent power lines for four QBlock digesters.
  • Provides true sample temperature monitoring through dual probe concept
  • Capability of external calibration of thermocouples
  • Overheat prevention safety feature
  • PC hook-up capability for digestion data transfer

Commander – S  

Temperature Controller

Commander-S, single channel controller provides a
convenient and economic option for temperature control of hot block.

Easily programmable ramp and soak times for an effective digestion of various samples.

  • Real-time target and current temperature display.
  • Convenience of altering controlling parameters on fly
  • Has very small footprint of (5” X 8”)
  • Is easily configured to existing Hot block and hot plates
  • Commander-S is operated from the comfort and safety of the acid-free environment outside the fume hood.
  • Choice of 210 or 110 VAC configuration and thermocouple feedback
  • Overheat prevention safety feature

  • Vulcan: Automated Hot Block

    Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up. It is the only true automation accepting samples and returns prepared autosampler racks ready to be analysed


    Offers . . .

    • Freedom from manual acid handling and exposure to acid fumes
    • Substantial cost savings in sample analysis expenditure
    • Contamination free environment for trace level sample preparation
    • Overcomes inconsistencies and uncertainties introduced by repetitive and tedious process
    • Increase in laboratory throughput
    • Saves prime lab space with smart inbuilt fume hood
    • Documentation of sample preparation processes
    • Effective use of skilled manpower through unattended operations
    • Provides safe and healthy work environment
    • Processing of 84 samples in 50 ml vials
    • Automatic and precise addition of corrosive acids, reagents and internal standard
    • Multistep heating of hot blocks.
    • Makeup volume at the end of digestion
    • Stirring of sample during the process
    • Cooling digestion vials between reagent additions
    • Transferring and diluting samples to autosampler racks
    • Can handle two digestion recipes at same time

    Heating (Hot Blocks)...

    • Capable of heating up to 400º C
    • Hot blocks available to accommodate 15, 25, 50 and 100 ml digestion vials
    • Vilas available in Teflon, Glass and Polypropylene material
    • Customise hot block available to accept specific size and shape of digestion vessel
    • Teflon® coated graphite block and housing to prevent contamination
    • Anodised Aluminum Block for higher temperature applications
    • Choice of All-plastic housing for extreme corrosion resistance
    • Unparalleled Temperature homogeneity of 1.50 C across the block

    Post Digestion Sample Work-up . . .

    Cooling Dilution, sample
    transfer mixing
    Wash Pannel
    Makeup Volume :: Sample levels are monitored for individual vials using non contact level sensor. Peristaltic pump fills in quickly major amount for desired level. Accurate Syringe pump dispensing and level sensor monitoring is used in achieving final level. This unique combination of syringe and peristaltic pump helps speed up process with out losing accuracy.
    Dilutions and Sample Transfer:: With the help of Teflon coated Carbon Fibre probe and Sample loop samples are picked up, stored, diluted and transferred to autosampler racks. Sample Probe and Loop is thoroughly cleaned externally and internally between each sample processing. It is possible to generate multiple dilutions for one sample in one go.
    Cooling ::  Pneumatically driven acid resistant Tray Lift brings samples out of hot blocks. Tray Lift is placement forces cool air to pass over the vials, bring them rapidly to room temperature for multiple reagent additions and Volume Make-up
    Stirring ::  Vigorous mixing of sample is effected through rapid stream of air bubbles. Duration of mixing for each sample can be set as per need.
    Wash Station ::  Two Chambered  wash station is used for cleaning the probes between two sample. Wash station has two separate peristaltic pumps circulating clean water for efficient cleaning  

    Dispensing Reagents

    • Accurate and consistent reagent delivery for acids and reagents through dedicated lines
    • Capable of handling corrosive acids like HF, H2SO4 and HClO4
    • Deliver reagents and acids as required by each sample in a single run, thus can handle multiple types of samples at one time
    • Can configured to dispense reagents in multiple vials to increase the speed

    • 6 individually operated syringes
    • Teflon syringe to handle HF acid
    • All Teflon values and fittings to provide inert environment
    • Programmed to dispense precise amounts from 6 syringes at same time
    • Designed for ease of mounting and replacement
    Syringe Pump

    • 8 individually operated pumps
    • Accurate delivery over wide range of flow rate
    • Specialised design to provide Low drift in the flow rate
    • Gentle pulsing to provide steady flow and accurate control on volume
    • Good repeatability in low volume dispensing
    • Operate in dispense and aspirate mode to facilitate sample pickup and avoid reagent dripping
    • Manual switch to prime the pump
    Peristaltic Pump

    Diligent Software Control...

    • Easy-to-build digestion recipe with functional steps like reagent addition, heating, stirring, sample transfer, washing and autosampler rack preparation
    • Offers unique functionalities like Heat to Dryness and Precipitate / Residue washing
    • Easy-to-set automation functions resulting in quick optimisation of the whole process
    • Capable of altering processing for individual vial in single run
    • Allows running of different digestion recipes at same time on each block
    • Easy-to-configure variety of hot block and sample rack configurations
    • Accepts rush, urgent or stat samples during the run
    • Accepts changes in processing parameters in the run
    • Capable of continuing process after break
    • Estimates and displays digestion process time and progress
    • Prompts when reagent bottles need replacement
    • Process documentation capability

    All Plastic Housing . . .

    • Saves prime lab space with smart inbuilt fume hood
    • Perchloric-acid-Ready, detachable exhaust manifold to facilitate washing
    • No metal parts, all plastic construction suitable for trace level sample preparation
    • Laminar flow exhaust path for acid fume removal
    • Positive air pressure in electronic section prevents acid corrosion
    • Option of HEPA filter attachment
    • Provides catchment basin for any reagent spillage
    • Has transparent window for light illumination and visual observation



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