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Pump Tubing

Plumas Supply offers both flared and nonflared pump tubing.

Tubing with small inner diameter is difficult to connect to capillaries without damaging the tubing. To prevent damage and extend the life of the tubing, both ends are flared to create a slightly larger mouth for connections. Flared tubing saves time because it is easier to install, therefore more samples can be processed by the lab, increasing the run rates and overall profit for your company.

We offer peristaltic pump tubing for a variety of applications. From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant Santoprene and Solva, our tubing can be used for applications across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production.


The colored markers denote the inner diameter size. The markers also hold the tubing in place, stopping it from slipping while the pump is moving.

     2 Stop Pump Tubing (Packs of 12)

    i.d.           Stop Colors           PVC                Santoprene            Flared PVC

0.13mm    Orange Black    PS-4398-1013                                  PS-4397-1013
0.19mm    Orange Red       PS-4398-1019                                  PS-4397-1019
0.27mm    Orange Blue      PS-4398-1027     PS-4398-2027      PS-4397-1027
0.38mm    Orange Green   PS-4398-1038     PS-4398-2038      PS-4397-1038
0.44mm    Green   Yellow  PS-4398-1044                                  PS-4397-1044
0.51mm    Orange Yellow  PS-4398-1051     PS-4398-2051      PS-4397-1051
0,57mm    White   Yellow  PS-4398-1057                                  PS-4397-1057
0.64mm    Orange White   PS-4398-1064     PS-4398-2064      PS-4397-1064
0.76mm    Black    Black    PS-4398-1076     PS-4398-2076      PS-4397-1076
0,89mm    Orange Orange PS-4398-1089    PS-4398-2089       PS-4397-1089
0.95mm    White  
Black    PS--4398-1095                                PS-4397-1095
1.02mm    White   White   PS-4398-1102     PS-4398-2102      PS-4397-1102
1.09mm    White    Red      PS-3298-1109                                 PS-4397-1109
1.14mm    Red       Red       PS-4398-1114    PS-4398-2114      PS-4397-1114
1.22mm    Red       Grey     PS-4398-1122                                 PS-4397-1122
1.30mm    Grey      Grey    PS-4398-1130     PS-4398-2130      PS-4397-1130
1.42mm    Yellow   Yellow PS-4398-1142     PS-4398-2142      PS-4397-1142
1.52mm    Yellow   Blue     PS-4398-1152     PS-4398-2152      PS-4397-1152
1.65mm    Blue       Blue     PS-4398-1165     PS-4398-2165      
1.75mm    Blue       Green  PS-4398-1175          
1.85mm    Green    Green  PS-4398-1185     PS-4398-2185
2.06mm    Purple    Purple  PS-4398-1206    PS-4398-2206
2.20mm    Purple    Black   PS-4398-1220    PS-4398-2220
2.54mm    Purple    Orange PS-4398-1254   PS-4398-2254
2.79mm    Purple    White   PS-4398-1279   PS-4398-2279
3.17mm    Black      White  PS-4398-1317    


   3 Stop Pump Tubing (Packs of 12)

    i.d.           Stop Colors           PVC                Santoprene            Flared PVC

0.13mm    Orange Black    PS-4398-3013                                  PS-4397-3013
0.19mm    Orange Red       PS-4398-3019                                  PS-4397-3019
0.27mm    Orange Blue      PS-4398-3027     PS-4398-4027      PS-4397-3027
0.38mm    Orange Green   PS-4398-3038     PS-4398-4038      PS-4397-3038
0.44mm    Green   Yellow  PS-4398-3044                                  PS-4397-3044
0.51mm    Orange Yellow  PS-4398-3051     PS-4398-4051      PS-4397-3051
0,57mm    White   Yellow  PS-4398-3057                                  PS-4397-3057
0.64mm    Orange White   PS-4398-3064     PS-4398-4064      PS-4397-3064
0.76mm    Black    Black    
PS-4398-3076     PS-4398-4076      PS-4397-3076
0,89mm    Orange Orange PS-4398-3089    PS-4398-4089       PS-4397-3089
0.95mm    White  
PS--4398-3095                                PS-4397-3095
1.02mm    White   White   PS-4398-3102     PS-4398-4102      PS-4397-3102
1.09mm    White    Red      PS-3298-3109                                 PS-4397-3109
1.14mm    Red       Red       PS-4398-3114    PS-4398-4114      PS-4397-3114
1.22mm    Red       Grey     PS-4398-3122                                 PS-4397-3122
1.30mm    Grey      Grey    PS-4398-3130     PS-4398-4130      PS-4397-3130
1.42mm    Yellow   Yellow PS-4398-3142     PS-4398-4142      PS-4397-3142
1.52mm    Yellow   Blue     PS-4398-3152     PS-4398-4152      PS-4397-3152
1.65mm    Blue       Blue     PS-4398-3165     PS-4398-4165      
1.75mm    Blue       Green  PS-4398-3175          
1.85mm    Green    Green  PS-4398-3185     PS-4398-4185
2.06mm    Purple    Purple  PS-4398-3206    PS-4398-4206
2.20mm    Purple    Black   PS-4398-3220    PS-4398-4220
2.54mm    Purple    Orange PS-4398-3254   PS-4398-4254
2.79mm    Purple    White   PS-4398-3279   PS-4398-4279
3.17mm    Black      White  PS-4398-3317    

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