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Organic Standards

Plumas Supply offers a complete line of Orgranic Standards as well as custom mixes for GC/GC-MS and HPLC instrumentation.

These standards are ISO 9001-2008 Certified, ISO/EIC 17025:2005 accredited and ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited.

    *  Single Component Organic Standards                

    *  Volatile Organic Mixes

    *  Semi-Volatile Organic Mixes

    *  Pesticide and PCB Mixes

    *  Tinted Organic Standards

Simply provide the CAS # or Descripton, Volume, Concentration and Solution to recieve a price quote.

Samples are also available upon request. 

Gravimetric: - Product provided with certified weight report of te product preparation whic includes all necessary information providing traceabilty to NIST weights.

Qualitative: - In addition to the certified weight report the product is also verified by instrumental analysis for the products composition. A CoA will be provided with chromatogram.

Quantitative: - In addition to the certified weight report the product is tested against a calibration curve of an independently prepared batch and CoA will be provided with chromatogram. 

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